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DIGNITY present at large rehabilitation conference

Published 05.12.2016
Around 150 rehabilitation centers from over 70 countries are gathered in Mexico City to share their knowledge on the rehabilitation of torture victims

Photo: Kirsten Reimer talking to a conference participant

How do we deliver on the right to rehabilitation for torture victims? That is the main question at IRCT’s (International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims) tenth international conference on rehabilitation, this year set in Mexico City, Mexico.

Attending the conference are experts from DIGNITY’s national and international rehabilitation projects, and DIGNITY’s own library, which contains the largest collection of published documents on torture.

During the conference, DIGNITY’s experts will present new research and promote the library to rehabilitation workers worldwide.

- The fact that DIGNITY’s library is present here in Mexico is extremely important, because it gives us the opportunity to speak to our core target group directly, that is people who work with rehabilitation of torture victims. Here, we can disseminate the latest knowledge, tell them about our library, its features, and how they may use it in their daily work, says librarian and manager of the DIGNITY library, Kirsten Reimer.

And DIGNITY’s library has already been received with enthusiasm amongst the conference participants.

- I’ve been in contact with some inspiring people from all over the world, and the majority of them did not know about our collection. They are happy and grateful to receive this information, and have immediately shared this new knowledge with their colleagues at their respective centers, so that they too can benefit from what the library has to offer, says Kirsten Reimer

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