“Torture videos are playing over and over in my head”

Published 27.04.2016
Ahlam Chemlali tireless travels the world working for DIGNITY. The instability and corruption that creates torture can be beaten with the right investment, she argues in a recent portray made by The Murmur, a Danish newspaper in English presenting in-depth and nuanced journalism about Danish politics, society and culture.

In the interview with The Murmur, Programme Manager Ahlam Chemlali explains how she is trying to uncover the extent to which torture is practiced around the world, about the the root causes of torture, and how she wants us to see torture as a phenomenon that can arise in any country under the right circumstances. She explains that what she most often comes across is ‘everyday torture’. She also mentions how the work of DIGNITY and our partner organizations now has been jeopardized by government cuts to the Danish foreign aid budget.

Read the extensive interview here


Torture has been called ‘the mother of all human rights violations’. As long as a country practices or tolerates torture, people will be reluctant to speak, assemble and participate in the political life. Stopping torture is the first step towards improving human rights in general.

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