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Trump will reintroduce torture - show that you are opposed by signing our petition

Published 30.11.2016
"I would bring back waterboarding. And I would bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding "was the future US president's exact words during the election campaign. DIGNITY has started a petition to send a signal that we are many who do not accept torture.

Torture is the worst a human being can be exposed too. DIGNITY does not accept any forms of torture. Please sign up now - if you feel the same! DIGNITY will go to Washington, to divulge all signatures as proof that we are many who do not accept torture!

We need you to sign up - help us stop the reintroduce of tortur!

By signing this petition, DIGNITY is allowed to inform you about how your signature is used and inform you about our work.


Torture has been called ‘the mother of all human rights violations’. As long as a country practices or tolerates torture, people will be reluctant to speak, assemble and participate in the political life. Stopping torture is the first step towards improving human rights in general.

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