DIGNITY aims at building a bridge to a social existence for the torture survivor and his family. DIGNITY is specialized in rehabilitation of traumatised persons having experienced torture. Our centre in Denmark is recognized by the Danish National Board of Health as a national centre specializing in treatment of severely traumatized refugees.

We help torture survivors to strengthen their own and the family's quality of life. And we give survivors the opportunity to regain the highest possible level of functioning.

  • We help the survivor reach an acceptance and understanding of his/her traumas to better be able to live with them
  • We alleviate the physical and psychological consequences of the torture such as chronic pain, anxiety, nightmares and sleep disturbances
  • We strengthen the survivors' ability to care for his/hers children
  • We help the survivor maintain or resume a job
  • We help the survivor participate in social activities.

Our experience shows that an interdisciplinary treatment is the best approach to the complex symptoms and problems that come with torture. Psychiatric diagnoses as PTSD, personality changes and depression are frequent. The same is chronic pain. Overall, this means a reduced functional capacity, as manifested in social withdrawal, unable to work, stigma and loss of faith in social institutions.

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