Patients & services in Denmark

DIGNITY offers rehabilitation to traumatised refugees who are in need of specialized interdisciplinary rehabilitation. Only patients who have a Danish residence permit can receive treatment at DIGNITY.

Since the foundation of DIGNITY in 1982, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has financed many of DIGNITY´s activitities.

Since 2006 DIGNITY has a special agreement with the Capital Region of Denmark (H:S) and Region Zealand. Patients are primarily refereed to DIGNITY from the municipalities in these two regions.

DIGNITY offers rehabilitation to people who have been exposed to torture, organized violence or other severely traumatizing events such as war, civil war and political persecution. Further, DIGNITY offers rehabilitation to family members of the primarily traumatized person. People with present substance-abuse, psychotic disease, severe personality disorder and acute suicidal risk are excluded from treatment at DIGNITY. Possible patients have to have a residence permit in Denmark and a referral from a physician.

A majority of DIGNITY patients are males with heterogeneous educational and socio-economic backgrounds, currently having significant socio-economic problems, low skills in the Danish language, which causes the necessity of using interpreters in the rehabilitation process. The patients suffer from multiple problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, poverty, isolation and various other social distress factors as well as crisis and grief reactions. These maladies are manifested in flashbacks, sleep disorders and nightmares, isolation, concentration and memory difficulties, loss of self-control, problems when being among other people, sexual problems, physical pains, etc.




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