Jens Modvig

Clinical Associate Professor

Medical Doctor, PhD in public health epidemiology, Social Worker.

Country experience
Kosovo (3 y), Serbia (1y) 165 short term missions to 45 countries.

Danish (mother tongue), English, medium level of Spanish, basic level of German and French.

Key qualifications
Health and human rights, Post-conflict rehabilitation, Quantitative Research methodology, Project management and international development.

Selected Publications
Modvig J. Violence, torture and sexual abuse in prisons. In: Health in Prisons. WHO Europe region, 2013 (in press).

Wang SJ, Rushiti F, Sejdiu X, Pacolli S, Gashi B, Salihu F, Modvig J. Survivors of war in northern Kosovo (III): The role of anger and hatred in pain and PTSD and their interactive effects on career outcome, quality of sleep and suicide ideation. Confl Health. 2012 Jul 30;6(1):4.

International Forensic Expert Group. Statement on hooding. Torture. 2011;21(3):186-9.

Wang SJ, Pacolli S, Rushiti F, Rexhaj B, Modvig J. Survivors of war in the Northern Kosovo (II): baseline clinical and functional assessment and lasting effects on the health of a vulnerable population. Confl Health. 2010 Sep 21;4:16.

Wang SJ, Salihu M, Rushiti F, Bala L, Modvig J. Survivors of the war in the Northern Kosovo: violence exposure, risk factors and public health effects of an ethnic conflict. Confl Health. 2010 May 28;4:11.

Polatin PB, Modvig J, Rytter T. Helping to stop doctors becoming complicit in torture. BMJ. 2010 Feb 25;340.

Wang SJ, Haque MA, Masum SU, Biswas S, Modvig J. Household exposure to violence and human rights violations in western Bangladesh (II): history of torture and other traumatic experience of violence and functional assessment of victims.

BMC Int Health Hum Rights. 2009 Nov 27;9:31.

Wang SJ, Modvig J, Montgomery E. Household exposure to violence and human rights violations in western Bangladesh (I): prevalence, risk factors and consequences.

BMC Int Health Hum Rights. 2009 Nov 21;9:29.


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Modvig J, Pagaduan-Lopez J, Rodenburg J, Salud CM, Cabigon RV, Panelo CI.
Torture and trauma in post-conflict East Timor. Lancet 2000;356(9243):1763.

Due P, Holstein B, Lund R, Modvig J, Avlund K. Social relations: network, support and relational strain. Soc Sci Med 1999;48(5):661-73.

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Modvig J, Schmidt L, Damsgaard MT. Measurement of total risk of spontaneous abortion: the virtue of conditional risk estimation. Am J Epidemiol 1990;132(6):1021-38.

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